The simplicity of Wattles writings

The simplicity with which Wallace writes it is something astonishing. Its main book, to which refers this blog, The Science of Becoming Rich is something that most of the writers would want only for its simplicity. It is a brief, small book, we would say concise, as if it had been written counting the words. It has very few metaphors, very few turns or examples, it is a Spartan book.

As a good author that knows that their words will be interpreted and many times taken out of context, Wattles doesn’t take pains in that its prose is abundant. If it will be interpreted, it is better than they have things to interpret. Making it brief and concise, there is more material to be plentiful in what is.

His style is simple and direct. On all the things, simple, of a simplicity that oppresses. Nowadays the writers that approach these topics determine to fill leaves and leaves always repeating the same thing. In that way, with one concept they publish several books and they make a collection, people say this way that he is a fruitful writer. Wattles preferred to make just the opposite.

Each chapter is dedicated to a topic or a specific aspect of the Science to Become Rich. Not there are repetitions, except for the concepts that he wants to stress and that are the four or five essential concepts of the science. The chapters are brief and of a bearable and interesting writing, without big definitions neither forced passages. The reading is extremely easy, almost without realizing the book is devoured in few hours.

If the message is simple, if the ideas are simple, they can put on in some few words. Who did say that the universe should be complex in its development? One thing is that it is complex of understanding and another very different one that is complex of counting. And the universe that Wattles shows us is simple, it is simple and it doesn’t require big intelligences to be understood, or at least accepted. Like his book.


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