To give always more than received

One of the clearest teachings in Wallace Wattles is that one always has to give more, in using value that what receives from the other. In spite of an poor enough translation, we can interpret that what is telling us is that we have to give something that is more useful or has more benefits than what they are giving us in change.

If we are in the trade, for example, and we sell some thing or we lend some service, we have to overcome the strictly necessary thing for the price that they pay to us. As note to the margin, this makes me agree a song that say “I don’t count the change, it is always over.” Not we should limit ourselves to the strictly necessary thing.

The mercantilist mentalities will be able to say that this is to lose and that losing any business prospers. If we have the habitual smallness of mind we will think that this is really this way. But it is enough with observing the reality to our surroundings to realize that the truth is just the opposite.

In my city there are many bakeries, or bread manufacturers. But there is only one that has an extraordinary quality, the other ones all manufacture the same thing and they charge the same thing. And all time is the same thing. But the one that excels progresses every day for thirty years. He has five times more clients than the other ones, in spite of charging the most expensive bread. It has been enlarged several times, has other annexed businesses as a coffee shop, and their owners don’t stop of getting rich. One day I asked to the owner, a Spanish man arrived here forty years ago which was their secret to make such a nice bread. Their answer was scanty: it is necessary to put attention” he told me.

Not I doubt that he makes the same thing with the same materials and same people that their competition. After all to manufacture bread doesn’t have big secrets. But the he dedicates a great attention to that. It seems a little thing, but that is making the difference. People will think that he didn’t want to give me the secret. I believe that there is not such a secret. It simply pays attention to what he makes, and that is received by those that consume their bread, in some way that it is perceived in the pleasure, or in the consistency, or in the aspect, or in all that at the same time. It is a form of putting his love.

It is to give more, always a little bit more. A touch, an element that is something our that denotes our love, our intention. That make the difference.

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