Message of my friend Albert on Wattles and his work

When I met the work of Wattles (26-05-07) it was a very signal day for me, for reasons that want not disclose here, and the chance give me the book that changed my life. I read it that same night and some 15 times in the following week.

I know that this is real, it works. I know that I will be rich in a time and read these comments that I write in this blog will bring me beautiful memories. Me like you can understand I don’t win anything with you becoming rich but since, for shame and other reasons, I didn’t comment even anything to my family of the matter Wattles I am full with happiness to share it with strange people to those that maybe my words can change the life to better in any instant. People that I won’t know that won’t thank me in person, but when I were rich I will know that somebody will have followed myself path and that will also have achieved it and that will make me double the satisfaction.

For my this blog is a delight, it allows me to express me such and like I think and I sit down, it gives me the extra impulse that I demand myself every. For that reason I want to give those thanks to their creator.

Continuing with what said to the beginning will say that when the book arrived to my I looked for an exit desperately, a change in my life. I could not allow me a failure, so I read it and I accepted with absolute Faith all that said, it stops this way to get what desired. Probably many like me don’t want to be rich to make the vagrant the whole day, or to be in front of the sat down television and when they get bored to leave to the caribe. Many want a light in their life. To see if this doesn’t sound you, to see if you don’t feel something similar to what I will tell you:

I want to be rich to be unworried, to give the best thing to mine, to have my house, to choose a work that I like and let me be filled without caring what they pay me, to be my own boss, to help friends and family when they have a problem that the money solves (a surgery, for example), to escape from the routine and to fly free, to decide in what world I want to live, to decide that people want to surround myself, to make my own decisions, so that nobody spends for above (neither I want to be above anybody), to read a book peacefully when I feel like, to go to a trip when tired and want to relax me, to see the wonderful landscapes of this planet, for never feeling more contained, to have time for me, and to have a great life because me less I don’t deserve.If you have read this you surely think as me, I give you my most valuable advice friends: make all that says the work of Wattles and you never doubt that it is such a true science that is able to light the bulb of your bedroom. If you make that you won’t fail. Trust my, please.
Regards to all.

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