Why is a science and not a religion?

If Wallace Wattles had written his book in these days, people had probably transformed him in a religious leader. He would have their own meeting places and maybe until their fanatic followers and their own liturgy. It is very easy that people had considered The Science of Becoming Rich as a religious book of the new age.

That is because all the references that Wattles carries out to the dark matter, the amorphous and intelligent matter, could be referred to an omnipresent god and that everything knows. But Wattles didn’t write on religion. Why?

The religion, anyone of them, seeks to explain the origin of the universe, like what are the things, like how they were created, who made it, who has the control and how to making to please him, or rather what waits this god from us. It is the explanation of the origin and final destination of the things. It is the one on the way to the universe, explained and digested so that masses understand it or so that they have enough consistency like so that, if they don’t understand it, at least put their faith in them.

But Wallace Wattles wrote about a science. The science doesn’t seek to explain the origin and the destination of the things, but it simply explains how they work. Which are the laws that govern them. A thing is to know how the planets move, which it is its trajectory, and another very different one is to know who created them, why and for what reason. He simply discovered a mechanism for which the human being can build his future to his will and convenience. And it exposed it without giving explanations of why is this way. It simply works, as he said.

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