When I met the Science of Wattles

When I met the work of Wallace Wattles I was passing a good moment in the economic thing, but there was something that bothered me, a hole sensation, of not to know why I was making that was making for. The things of my work went well, and economically I could not complain, although it was not becoming rich, but a feeling that it was a hollow inside, that anything cared a lot and of not having a desire that impels me steamed up at that moment.

Casually I found in internet the book of Wallace Wattles. First read it in English and then in Spanish, that obviously clarified me a lot the vision. Immediately I felt that it was in front of something that had looked for many times without knowing it exactly.

However, I was oppressed by the enormous quality of what had and for the enormous task that waited for me. Immediately I felt that I believe firmly in what Wattles said, an instantaneous faith took possession of me. But at the same time, I felt that that faith required a very big impulse of my will so was made real.

Then I left the book to a side for a couple of months. I had the feeling that I was not enough clever, that I should gather forces, or something should happen that impelled me externally to follow the advice and postulates of the book. It was a strange sensation: on one hand knowing that I was in front of something totally certain for me, but at the same time to know that you don’t have enough force to make it like he should make it. It was as mixing the happiness that I have discovered the truth and a certain sadness of knowing that the search had finished, together with feeling weak to confront the challenges that I should confront.

Until the force appeared and everything changed. The faith put my soul in movement, the gratefulness arose suddenly and I started. I began this way to become rich with firm steps, with certainties and without fear, and with the absolute conviction that this is possible, this works, it is easier than it seems although there are moments of difficulty and weakness. Now, I see back and I think that what I wanted was happening as quick as possible, with determination and security. Now, this is only growing day by day, with the certainty that everything is possible.

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