Wattles and the gratitude

I stopped to think a while about the feeling of the gratitude, or the gratefulness. If one looks at it sincerely, it seems a feeling that is outside of the nature. The animals don’t show gratefulness. When they celebrate their master, in the case of the domestic animals, they are not thanking him but they simply show happiness for the master’s presence. Undoubtedly anyone could tell me that in fact no animal has feelings to the style of the human feelings. But however the animals show sadness, anger or fury, including affection, but never gratefulness.

Of where comes to us the humans such a feeling? Is it maybe the root of something deeper than it comes from our anciens? That it is in fact the gratitude? We are so accustomed to say thanks to other, to thank that at least I had never put on to think from where it comes. Until I knew to Wattles and their work.

The gratitude is to express to other our indulgence for being made something, he gave us something, it enriched us somehow without obtaining anything to change. This is essential, it should not have a consideration so one really thanks. If somebody makes something to obtain another thing in exchange for our part, that is a business, although our culture and good education also imposes us the habit of saying ‘thank you’. But that is not the true gratefulness. This happens when there is not anything to change. That is to say that there have a substantial component of the gratitude, the gratuitousness. It is curious, and perfectly logical also that gratitude has the same root that the word free, or gratuitous or gratuitousness. The things are not casual, evidently.

But then, when somebody gives us something, either something material or spiritual, without hoping to obtain something to change, our feeling of gratitude appears. Why? Because is evident that we are getting rich, he is giving us more life, more place, more dons than those that we could obtain. That is to say, we are receiving life without to make anything in this respect. After the fact, we are more, we are better, we are prepared for more things than before, we have been blessed by somebody to grow, to be owner of more wealth.

That is to say that the gratitude is our symbolic payment currency. An expression, simply, to show that we are conscious and we receive consciously the biggest quantity in life that gives us the other. It is as saying that we know what the other one is making, we either recognize the fact that has taken place, that this has meant him an effort or not. In that aspect the word Thank you! it should be understood as Blessings!, I give you my blessing for what you have made! I pay you symbolically a prize to have given me what you gave me! Thank you!

It is as telling I bless you! That is to say, I show to the whole universe that my spirit leans toward you for what you have made. My soul, my being makes echo of your greatness and they go to you with a blessing, with an expression. My spirit takes a bath your spirit in an expression that is seen in all the ends of the universe and properly registered, also.

For that reason Wattles tells us that when we fix our mind in the fortune or in the goods that we want to get, we make it with gratefulness. That gratitude is an expression of our spirit toward the amorphous matter that will build what we want and we are giving her in advance thank you. We are inclining our spirit toward the substance blessing her for what will give us without requesting us swims to change, without at least to know if we deserve it. Without we have to make an effort too much to achieve it, better than to make our work in the possible best way, giving more life for all.

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