To be rich is not a sin

Maybe the confusion comes for that of “blessed the poor because they belongs the Kingdom of the skies”. It is not my intention to start translating the Bible. Be enough to say that when having a single translation, the official one, is not very probable that the sense has been copied in the right way. One could write a lot about how the official church contradicts the same thing that translates. But good, that is another history.

In our Latin, Catholic and western culture, to be rich is seen as sinful and to be poor as compassionate. This truth has been extrapolated to the point that the bad guys always appear as greedy, in our culture, and the good ones as poor and indigent. This way, wealth is synonymous of vulgarity and sin, and poverty is synonymous of virtuousness and sanctity.

But Wattles gives us a totally revolutionary vision in this aspect. To be rich allows to carry out the human being’s potentialities, to grow, to be given ourselves more life, a life more full, bigger happiness, and to be able to also give it to others. To be poor is to reduce the man’s capacities, to limit it, to deprive him of life, of pleasure, of fullness.

It is worth to clarify that this doesn’t have anything to do with the justice, which implies a concept completely separated, different. That in our countries we see that the rich ones don’t pay their taxes, condemning this way to thousands to the education and health shortage, is another problem. Or that the rich ones can hire better lawyers and not to pay for their crimes, which happens also, is not something that makes the wealth in itself to be a bad thing. It would be as saying that the water is bad because it produces floods.

The wealth is what allows the man to be developed in all his fullness, without loading it of concerns that don’t make bigger sense when living a full and wise life. To be rich is to be able to be, to be able to act freely, to be free of ties, to be able to know the world, the life in their different forms, to be able to develop what you want without concerns.

From where donations will come out to protect the poor of the desvastated communities, from the hungry countries? from other poor people? Who will leave his children one day without eating so that the poor from Africa eat? Let us don’t allow ourselves to deceive, the wealth is good, it is useful and it is more life and more wisdom for all. Then how we apply it is a moral problem, but is not a characteristic of the wealth or the fortune.

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