How to obtain the complete wealth

Wattles speaks of the Science of Becoming Rich, but the wealth that Wallace understands is a complete wealth, an integrative wealth. If one only notices the material wealth, the money, forgetting the gratitude and the faith, becomes a greedy person that joins currencies, that only monopolizes money. However, the acquisition of fortune that Wattles proclaims is a total, included acquisition of the gigantic understanding of how the universe works.

To know how is the way to announcing what will happen to me, how is that common men that built big fortunes have worked, how those that have built empires, either economic or politicians being almost illiterate people, has been able to make it, it is the biggest wealth to which a common man can aspire. As well as we were always attracted by that statement of not giving them fish but teaching them to fish for the good and firm that possesses, the Wattles’ method is rich in becoming trained about how the universe works. And although his method is one of test and error, that is the method that the scientists always used.

It is for this reason that Wattles speaks not only several times of obtaining wealth, but of who we really want to be, what we want to make of our life or how we want to live. Everything can be gotten with the method that he proposed. And there is the enormous wealth that not only implies to obtain the fortune or the money that we want but knowing how it is obtained, which are the rules that is necessary to follow to continue getting it.

At the same time, and considering the demonstration that gives us of why is not sinned to obtain wealth, but rather is the form that has the human being of being developed fully, there is another factor that to consider when we think of the wealth.

To obtain wealth is not only to obtain money or material goods. As he explains it, the wealth is the money and the goods that allow the man to be developed completely. This way, the wealth that we will obtain should be applied to our development. Otherwise, it is only to monopolize the greedy person’s currencies, like we mention at the beginning. That fortune should be, as is obtained, applied to our happiness and that of the others, to our best growth, to our development as integral and complete people, to our approach to the divinity of the substance.

So the substance brings the wealth that we want, Wattles doesn’t say it definitively but he suggests it, we should use it to be better people, wiser, with better judgement, with better culture, with more solidarity. Only in that way the fortune will come more and more toward us. If we only put it in a drawer and we go and we count the currencies every day, that fortune will dry off quickly, it will look for somebody that give a better use.

It is for that reason that the wealth should be completed with the knowledge that we have of how one obtains and for the use that we give it, to improve our life and the one of those that are close, for the biggest life that we contribute to create and the biggest happiness that we give to our atmosphere, to those that surround us and therefore, the happiness that we impel in the whole universe.

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