The vision of the future in the present

The future is not something that is hoping to us gracefully, lengthy in some place through where we will happen surely. The future it is daily, constant construction, that we built every day.

A place in the future does not exist, doesn’t are spaces nor sites that to visit. The places and the sites will take shape as we are building our future. This astonishes to me: the key of the Wattles Method is to think, to vision an image as we want that it is. But that image we do not have to imagine it in the future, only in present and the present concrete. The idea is something complicated idea, but if I really don’t understand it, the Method of Wallace Wattles will not work for me.

That is to say, if I want a great and beautiful house, but I imagine it, and I imagine within the house, but I have grey hairs and seventy years, that will not happen. That is to say, it is because the future will escape towards the future. The vision must be now, at this moment I want the house, at this moment I want that it happens something, because later it is the future, and the future does not exist.

Of course that the house will not be materialized in front of my eyes, and that time will demand, long time inclusively perhaps, until it arrives to me. This depends on my faith and the clear thing of my vision. But my vision must happen now, not in the future. In this form, the substance will create my house as soon as possible, it will start up, and I will have it.

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