Wallace Wattles and michelangelo’s David

To illustrate the process of the method Wattles to getting rich, I think about as Miguel Angel did for carve the David universally famous.

I imagine to Miguel Angel stopped in front of a bucket of granite of 5 meters high and two meters for two meters in the base. It is standing, against the enormous mass that challenges it coolly, proudly. He has in his hands a hammer and a small chisel, sharp but old. Miguel Angel is 24 years old and has to carve the work that will become a genius of universal prestige. This is his opportunity. Closes the eyes and concentrates deeply. On the table there are all the sketchs, some complete, other only partial, a foot, a hand, a piece of leg, that was doing during months and months. But the assembly is in its head, clearly reproduced even in details.

While he has his eyes closed its mind revolves time and see around the statue, believes to feel in her hands the texture of the marble finished, sees it from all the angles, imagines even as should deform it so that a person stand in front of the statue still see it well-proportioned and perfect. He gives the first blow. Then another and another. They are small pieces of marble that jump toward a side and toward another. The bucket of more than 5 meters of high does not seem to be gotten affected. Nothing can move it, much less those smooth and weak blows. But the work is in motion. The mind has created the all and the details, now the hands have the task of ants to go removing the reality hidden in the stone that the mind already saw, already felt, already imagined, already created.

What would be of the David if alone the sketchs had arrived to us? What would be the sense of the art if that beautiful man of 4.09 meters high have remained in the mind of Miguel Angel? And that would be of the artist if he were felt satisfied with dreaming his sculpture and carry it with him to the tomb?

Michelángelo created, thought, imagined, thought up and gave form in his mind to the perfect and most prodigious statue of the Renaissance. But after creating it he struck, dug, hammered time and again, tireless during days and days, during the day and at night, until the work was complete. That is Wallace Wattles for me.

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