What is The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles?

This is a kind of introductory post to been published at the beginning of this blog, but I will publish it as a separate page to introduce about the contents you find in this site. I will try to explain you some important things.

First of all, The Science of Getting Rich is a book. An old book to be precise, written in 1909 by Wallace Wattles. Its matter is a science, discover first by Wattles and follow after him by a lot of Scientists around the globe, that deals with the only way to make fortune and wealth in a successfull manner.

Wattles argues that, as is with physics and chemistry, getting rich is an exact science for people who follow its principles. His principles are simple and can be reduced to these ones.

– The Universe is filled by an intelligent substance that creates all visible things.

– A thought, impregned in this substance, could create the object that is represented by the thought.

– Only you need is to focus your mind in your desire and think about details, but with gratitude to the substance.

– And you need a very well done job, in a diary basis, to permit the substance to carry your wealth to you.

This blog is about Wallace Wattles science. Is written by a group of people interested in spread the word around Wattles and that are now following his teachings and becoming more and more rich. You will find here our progress and our thoughts and impressions along with our growing wealth. Just now.

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