All we are equals to obtain wealth and happiness

Yesterday I stopped enough time to think about an idea that left Anselmo in a recent comment of this post. The idea expressed clearly that all the human beings are born prepared with the same tools and that these are the necessary and sufficient to achieve their happiness or to obtain what desire. Not external determining factors exist that can stop us if we apply the correct techniques. And all we have the necessary gifts and the capacity to apply them, independently of our origin. It suffices then only with knowing the appropriate mechanisms.

If one looks it from the point of view of the intimate nature of the things, this idea is absolutely fantastic by the real thing and the simple thing. It is clear that the nature, God, or the thinking and amorphous substance must have built the universe of a simple form, in spite of all the complexity that we see in it, and that is the necessary one to maintain the life and to develop it. The idea that all we have in our soul the mechanisms to achieve the happiness seems me very tempting. It is more, its so simple that seems absolutely divine, by giving him an strong adjective. Another argument in favor of this idea, besides their simplicity, is that this fact permits to explain how could be that very poor born people or born in very limited environments have achieved fortune and immense happiness, while people born with all the comforts, advantages and benefits have not known not even to maintain it, or they have squandered it and they have finished poor and unhappy. Including cases where acting of determined way have acquired fortunes, and then they have lost them because of changing their way of acting. All we have inside all the necessary mechanisms to obtain fortune. Some learn them, handle them and they are successful in their undertakings. Other simply ignore them and battle all its life fighting against windmills, trying to conquer difficulties that do not exist and seeking the motives that impede them the progress where really there is not more than ghosts.

The people can be born with different abilities, greater or smaller IQ, greater or smaller specific dexterity, etc but all have the same natural capacity for success and reach the wealth, or better said, to the capacity to give more life to the other and to all the universe. The differences between some and other can be thousands, but all they have the same capacity to obtain the welfare and the fortune in all the orders of the life. This is not another thing that a vision of Wallace Wattles ideas from another angle. But the idea that the substance created all the beings with the same fundamental capacities of success seems me absolutely revolutionary for the current philosophy.

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