The happiness present in the creation.

Creating is to create with happiness. Does not exist anything that produce more happiness than the creation, pure and simple. That we listen always from artists, the purest version of the human mind that builds the universe.

And why? Because the happiness and the creation feedback themselves mutually. Creating is to generate something that does not exist, that is new, is a birth, and that produces happiness because the expectation that new things always generates in our heart, when are good things. When it is created something good, in some place of the universe, a happiness is generated that is expanded and floods us of faith in the future.

We would be able to see this in a more metaphysical plan and to think that when we create we seems ourselves to our ancestro, our father, of which we are part and to which will return some day. There is nothing prettier for a son that to see that has the good characteristics of its father, is the maximum happiness of a well-bred son. But here I want to give an slighty different interpretation and consequences.

When we create we generate happiness, like I said at principle, we generate expectation. We give life to something that, although it have not, possesses it while exists. And we know that everything that is done with happiness impacts but that what simply is done, because happiness is contagious. The happiness itself disperse on the amorphous and intelligent substance and infects to whom enter in contact with the new thing created. As when it is born a boy. Is pure happiness.

Therefore, the thoughts that create our future, they should be thought with happiness, with the intimate happiness that gives us the capacity to create. Thus, all the universe will be informed that we are creating more life, more welfare, more future for all.

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