I think, then I create what I think.

Came to my mind the idea of Omar, that emphasized in a comment in this blog that “to think is the hardest work than exists”. This it taken freely of the chapter 4 of The Science of Getting Rich of Wallace D. Wattles.

Really think is a hard work. It could not be less, since is the authentic piece of the creation reserved for us, humans. and for God, or the amorphous substance, call it as you want. If the nature privileged us with the possibility to do worlds, to build cities or beautiful monuments, and each imaginable and unimaginable thing in our head, should not be an easy task. If we are the only beings of the creation that can think, should not be a simple task.

But Omar, as Wattles, referred to the hard work of thinking with constancy and dedication, to see in our mind those things that desire to create and to do it one time and again, without doubting and with the undoubted faith that we will obtain what we think. Is a task of constancy and requires certain mastering, certain control of our own mind as creative object. And mastering in the control of our will, a day and another day and so on.

For example: I am building a blog. But this blog is not created overnight. It goes creating with ideas, with thoughts, with the constancy of putting brick after brick. Already has more than 50 posts and more than 60 comments. It has gone doing alone, with patience, thinking about my vision, believing that my thought will build this blog and moving the pieces so that thus happen.

And why Iam doing it? because I have faith that my thought will build the objects that desire. It will go shaping each one of the things that is been required to bring me my thought like an object done, made wealth that can be touched, to palpate and to enjoy. Everything that I desire is a position in my thought, and my thought builds. Among others things, builds this page, and again someone will come and will look at it, and something will leave there.

So the thoughts work. Perhaps we conclude that we are a thought that is touched, that listens itself and that is shared with others. Perhaps we are the same amorphous and intelligent substance that Wattles described with the attributes of God. Perhaps we are God.

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