Guessing the future by Wallace D. Wattles

At times I ask me why so much desperation in the people exists by guessing the future. If one thinks it superficially, it would be seems that “all we want to know what is going to pass us”. Really this is not true. If you are a 25 years young man and they tell you that your father is going to die, that is 70 years old, a thing more than probable that occur in a nearby future still inside your own life, you feel desperate and dead of pain. And only is a play of odds.

Nobody wants to know what is going to pass him if are sad things. And we accept that we have many sad things with high probability that they occur us. Then I do not believe that the need to guess the future come for the side to know that is going to pass us. The problem is another. Knowing that is going to pass us what we want to happen to us even.

We want that someone guess the future for us because we want that he tell us all too well that is going to go us and, and at the same time, don’t tell us all the not so good things that can pass us. By something the seers never foretell the alone, bad things, only the good. That is an aspect.

But besides the alone willfulness to tell us the good things, we want that they guess us the future to eliminate the uncertainty. The uncertainty is the major horror of human beings. How much as the love of my beloved will last? How much my work will last? Will I have any fortune? The son that is to be born, will be healthy? We want to eliminate the uncertainty, because thus we eliminate our decision on our own life. If we know what is going to pass, and that will pass in some determined way, we will not have to worry about the decisions that each day we have to take. Our future is already marked. Or we should not take them. We leave our life go, so our future is written.

But it happens that oh! does not exist, I guess, people that can tell us our future. Sadly, does not exist. Only we do it. But that knowledge, clear, does not have good press. Its more sacrificed, hard, own only of the will. This is the theme of this blog, by if it had not mentioned before.

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