Feelings of Fault into become Rich

For a person living in a peripheral country, to become rich can be something that wakes up a fault feeling. We lived so bombed by the bad news that appear frequently to ours around, that to make money in important amounts while the poverty, the misery and the social abandonment grow to our side, generates a fault feeling unless you do not have heart or sensitivity. To see children suffering hunger while you becomes rich very excessively is in opposition to our sensitivity. And the media are pleasent showing the possible saddest image of the reality.

But as Wallace Delois Wattles showed us feeling that and fixing our minds in that reality is what conspires more against the generation of the wealth. The mind is taken by the misery, poverty thoughts, and is impregnating the substance with images of bad and sad things. At the same time, our mind is moved to its competitive side, non-creative, and satisfied imagining obtaining only a little more than the necessary thing, when in fact is that does not make but limit our possibilities of obtaining what we require. We lose the seeing of the creation like the source of wealth.

It could be said many things to argue against these feelings and practices. I will only show as I take it, in my case. I think that my solidarity with the poverty, yet to calm my thoughts more, will not do anything productive to me nor to the rest of the humanity. I collaborate with charity works when I have a good opportunity and when I feel a true feeling or necessity to help, but I forget quickly the suffering and the images of poverty and deception.

I prefer to think about terms of the wealth that surround to us and which we must be possessors. Never memory my humble beginnings, since that thought will only cause that those moments try to return. And if I cannot forget the face of a poor boy, I remember him smiling and playing. I avoid to see images of natural disasters, military, war and destruction. Still fighting against a feeling of morbo that is easy that it pick us off guard.

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