The Rigidity of Science of Getting Rich of Wallace Wattles

From the first time that I read the book The Science of Getting Rich I had in mind one short phrase that says Wallace Wattles in the second chapter. I transcribe it with its context:

The ownership of money and property comes as a result of doing things in a certain way; those who do things in this Certain Way, whether on purpose or accidentally, get rich.

One phrase always called my attention “on purpose or accidentally”. It is like a margin note of the development of the fundamental idea, but it did intrigued to me until I put myself to think seriously about the idea that represents. And the idea that represents is absolutely clear when one faces it: since science to become rich is a science, like the physics, the mechanics, or chemistry, is governed by an essential principle that is the one of causality.

This principle indicates that the like causes will cause like effects. This is one of the elementary but powerful principles that govern all human science. It does not concern the reason that has produced the cause, whenever this appears of the same form, its effects will be identical. It does not matter if the apple fell in the head to Newton because it was mature or if there were somebody shooking the tree: the apple fell of the same form, with the same speed, and produced the same blow in the head of Isaac.

Applied this to Wattles and science, if we independently made the same things that Wattles announces we will become rich, if we do it knowingly or without wanting. And it could not be of another way since it is a science. For that reason, if we watched the rich people that we envy, and having access to details, we will see that they apply the principles of Wattles perhaps although they do not know it nor they haven’t read it.

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