How to guess the future according Wallace Wattles

The key of the scientific method to become rich is the vision. Wallace Wattles teaches us that the nature is sensible to our visions in form of thoughts. These are impregnated in the wonderful ether that is the substance that creates all the things and floods everything. Some will call God to this substance, but I will continue calling it the substance simply. Thus we avoided to confuse this science with some type of religion.

Those visions of our dreamed future, upset with insistence and gratitude in the substance will cause that the forces of the universe are put to work to create the images that we generated in form of visible and tangible things. A new house, money, a new work, and all the gifts that we require will be created by the substance following our thoughts.

For that reason the vision, the creation of thoughts to images thought by our mind and impregnated in the substance, is the creative principle of the wealth and the well-being. Nothing can stop that creation. Also, Wattles teaches to us that the more clear it is that vision, the more details has and the more time is maintained, with determination, faith and gratitude, the more fast will be created by the nature and brought towards us.

That is the principle of all the things. It is clear that, following this reasoning, it is possible for we ourself or whom can read our mind, to guess our future. And they are not needed fortune tellers nor chamans, only people who have certain special sensitivity to detect the thought of others. I believe that all we have met some of this people in some moment of our lives.

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