Religion in Wallace Wattles

One of the amazing things that I discovered in the book of Wallace Wattles was his deep religion sense in the light of the vision of somebody like me, of Christian and catholic origin. Including this affirmation is any person who professes a monotheist religion.

I precisely talk about the vision that Wattles has of God like the infinitely intelligent substance that embraces all the things and his origin and simultaneously constant gestation of all things. Wattles, in its own mentality of beginnings of 20’s century, does not call God to him but the amorphous substance or the intelligent substance.

Let us remember that its time is dominated by an all-powerful cientificism, a mandate to justify all the things from a scientific point of view or for-scientist point of view. It is the time of appearance of the great scientific theories as much in physics, chemistry, astronomy, almost all later questioned and accepted partially nowadays. The fact that he replaces to God by a substance, giving him a more physical or chemical character, does not worry to me.

After all, who says that but our anthropomorphous mental image God must have the image of a being, of a person. It is for me but simple to imagine it like a substance that impregnates everything, that is in all sides, that all see, that all knows, that all perceives.

Because of these reasons, Wallace Wattles’ The Science To Become Rich does not collide in any way some with any of the present monotheists religions. It cannot offend the religious sensitivity of anybody, but that is more inclusive, more scientist and at the same time more deeply religious than none of supposedly inclusive sciences of the real Universe that we know.

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