A better world and orange juice

One day, the teacher looked around and saw a boy of about twelve years old, he brought an orange in her hand. The teacher looked him in the eyes and asked him to give him the orange, to which the young agreed. The teacher said:

– If I squeeze this orange with all my strength,what come out of it?

The youth replied

– Juice, of course.

The teacher insisted

– You will have apple juice?

The young man looked astonished and shook his head.

– Grape juice? – Insisted the teacher.

– No! – Replied the boy, thinking he was taking for a fool, rather angry.

– So, what will?

– Orange juice, of course. – Replied the young man, exasperated.

– Why? Why orange juice?

– Because is an orange and orange juice is what’s inside. – Concluded the young.

Then the teacher told

– Suppose that there is not an orange, suppose is you. If someone assaults you, speak bad about you, bothers you, press you, and you comes anger, rage, hatred, poisoned, feared, is because that is what is inside you. What comes out of us when the world offends or attacks us? If you get hate, is because within you there is nothing but hate and pain.

No matter who attack us, you can be our parents, our boss, the government, even nature, a loved one. If when we are attacked or wronged react with another feeling that is not love, it is because we have allowed it to grow into. We can not react with hatred if we have not hatred inside. We can not react with violence, if we have not violence inside us previously.

Now, the choice is ours. We have the power and consciousness enough to replace our hatred, rage, anger, by love, compassion, kindness, forgiveness. Feelings that transform the world into a better place, not only for others but for ourselves. When we replace these harmful feelings by those other benign, we will have a better life and do a little better the lives of others.

Another small miracle

Sometimes comes to mind that life is formed with moments that are little miracles each. Things often do not see or choose not to see, for its simplicity, but in reality things are far from common. At work it happens all the time. I will have another small miracle that happened days ago.

Throughout my life I have created several companies. Several disappeared, but  those I created after 2007, all survived and are in excellent health, ie generate money. In 2007 when I met Wattles, and the four companies that were founded under his inspiration. I have ever commented on the blog, and someone started with silly questions, then stopped commenting and talking about my business.

I mention this because last week I was called by one of the companies because there was a crisis. A product was not finished properly and we were losing a very important contract that could damage entire balance of the year and probably force us to cut staff. It was a serious crisis. The manager wanted to have a video conference with me urgently, perhaps to apologize, maybe for me to give a solution, which obviously I did not have.

They called me every way possible, but did not let me find. I felt I should do something before talking to them. I did not want to expose myself unnecessarily, but beyond that, I felt that my place was not with the people who were in the midst of the crisis, with desperation and lack of ideas that occur in these cases, but my place was elsewhere. But I did not know where. The client was to reclaim his order and we could not finish it.

So I locked myself in my room. I felt a great desire to meditate, to focus on myself. I started thinking about how we started the company, what we wanted to create, what we wanted to accomplish and dreams to where we had come. It was so vivid impression of feeling that was in those offices, and not in my room, which seemed to be living the desperation of the people who were there. After a few minutes I felt a certain peace, which was becoming more natural and logical, at least what I felt. When I finished, I opened my eyes and listened the phone again.

It was the manager to tell me that the customer had called and due to an internal matter, wanted postpone the product delivery. We will re-schedule payments and delivery and payment of the remainder. The small miracle had been taken place.

Clearly I did not went to meditate thinking of making a miracle. Clearly I did not do any miracle. Simply, instead of sinking into the general despair and start discussing possible impossible solutions, I chose to listen to my heart and do what he told me. In any case my only merit was a modest courage. The rest is Wattles and the purpose of solving the problem, but not solve it myself.

My conclusion is that if one is attentive to what happens inside during a crisis, and not get carried away by the general climate of worry and stress, you can see farther than what most people see. Of course it is not easy, but what would the whole world and the world would be a paradise. That “see farther” means nothing more than to feel that the universe is not against us. It’s just a matter of being attentive and listening (itself).

Another inner peace

Some time ago I have noticed a new behavior inside me. I mention this because maybe someone will happen the same, not necessarily because it is interesting. Readers tell if someone had the same experience.

For years I followed Wattles, which has given me the opportunity to enjoy many things that perhaps otherwise would never have come to have or live. After years, I have trouble concentrating and I notice when I’m clearly fixed in a vision and when not. The desire springs alone, and the purpose.

However, in recent times I have begun to notice that, when I’m sure to get something, I absolutely flooded inner peace. It is not necessarily happen  what I desire is just too important to me, maybe it can be something modest or even smaller. But the certainty of achieving generates peace that tells me everything is fine, that things have been going in the right direction.

It may be an indicator, as I said, everything is fine. Or perhaps it’s simply that having the vision fixed on something I want, otherwise it does not matter. is a consequence or a cause, do not know. But one thing I’m sure: it has to do with the clarity of thoughts. And another thing I am certain: when that peace appears, things happen inevitably.

The sense of what needs to be done

Sometimes we miss, but sometimes we see very clear. We never know when it will appear, or if they ever show that side towards we have to bow. I am referring to what to do. We could define it as a feeling that we have to move in one direction rather than another. It also tends to emerge as the conviction that we finally have a clear path to go to where we want and reject what we do not want.

Who speaks to us at the time? Perhaps some being? Or is the substance that tells us what we need? I do not know. Even perceive only in some very special moments, I should go to a certain place. In these times not appreciated the difficulty, even the conditions, but simply go there what guides us.

If we learn to hear, hear. if we learn to see, visualize the way. If we learn the point where that feeling appears, we listen and if we feel good, follow it. It’s an instant, so we must be alert, awake, in touch with ourselves and what we think lies beyond. We all have at one time.

Whatever it is, when we were talken, we have to listen respectfully. We can not ignore. We always choose. But we must always listen.

Respect for life

In all his books, Wallace Wattles states, at the beginning of each, a principle of life, to call it somehow. It is an idea easy to understand and easy to view, even there is no person who does not adhere to clearly and definitely that concept if you think about it for a moment. However, as discussed below, is an idea that is so far from our reality that is difficult accept it as part of the same reality. It happens that men have made nonsense of nature in all its aspects.

Why are we alive? Why is that plant alive? Why we are born? The life principle says that where there is life, inevitably tends to reproduce. Even under the most adverse conditions, life tends to make its way, to be born and grow. In this way, every step you take generates more life, more to cover all the space alive.

And life try to be full, trying to develop pointing to perfection, though not always successful. Just us, with our destructive and violent behaviors, are proof of that. Spoil the beauty generate and the ugly, harmful, ephemeral, with wrong illusion of progress.
In the middle of a nature of the universe, which expands and lavish life to the utmost, we find that our culture of the twentieth century has completely lost respect for life. And I’m not necessarily thinking of the great tragedies like the Iraq war or the Holocaust, who reached the peak of unnecessary cruelty and ambitious.

I’m thinking of concrete examples of daily life. For example, to take a specific case, that of traffic accidents. It is a simple example, without pretensions of being revealing, of course, and we can see each step in the daily newspaper.
Any person will seem a little silly to think there are people who, because they drank a little more, or because they are late for an appointment, you throw the right to reap the life of another person, or several, in case the same. As there may be people who behave in this way? Is it that no one thinks of the other as the other does not think of me? Or just have reached such a degree of alienation and savagery that allow anyone to take anyone’s life, his dreams, his future and think with the right to do?

Real accidents exist, no doubt. Sometimes things happen for something to go wrong, even among people who have taken every precaution to not happen. I think in the universe there is a free of chance and sometimes negatively affect us. But that is the inevitable, the randomness, the actual accident. The vast majority of cases are outright recklessness caused by the little value we place on life.

But life and its permanent, constant intention, is the beginning of everything. We consider it only one more thing, and we deal with people with the same sense we use to predate nature. I remember when my father wanted to take a bee that had come through the window, and instead of killing her, patiently take her outside. Given my complaint his answer was that we must protect life.

It would be very good for people to recover something that may never had: respect for life, reflecting the respect for the universe.

Another miracle

My life has always been accustomed to miracles. I have recounted several here in this blog. It has always been for me a constant that time to time things happen that I can not  explain by logic, by chance or by science. But I must say that from a while now, the frequency of miracles has increased.

No wonders are always great, but the last thing I told a few days ago can qualify well. But there are several small, said this without knowing if the term is appropriate. In any case, in almost all cases, these miracles are related Wattles’ teachings, as is always the thought a certain way and act a certain way.

I will relate the last, just happened to me yesterday. For better understanding, I have to do some comments before​​.

We all have something in mind that we think impossible. It’s something that we think will never happen, or at least a miracle should happen precisely to happen. Even the most ardent supporters and trained in the teachings of Wallace Wattles believe something, something that they would like to happen, it is virtually impossible to see it happen. It may be a fact, a business, a situation, knowing a certain person, visit a place inaccessible to one, receive sentimental proposal, commercial, labor, whatever. Always something to believe impossible, even if we think, as WW, that nothing is impossible.

I am no exception to that. This time, as before, I will not give specific details for the same reason as always. When details are given, people who read tend to confuse fact relevant (the miracle) with the accessory (the fact considered miraculous) and draw hasty conclusions or deceived by the everyday immediacy of the event or by the pedestrian that can be considered. In other cases, the concrete fact deceives itself, because some might judge common or likely.

The fact is that I wanted something to happen, a very important call for me because conditioned almost everything I wanted, but I knew it was extremely unlikely to happen. It was something I wanted for a long time happen to me. To this point was important to me, I can say that most of my future life would be conditioned by that fact.

In turn, I had to decide to do some things, and in somewhat capricious way I made them dependent if I had received this call or not. I had long postponed pending this appeal, but it never happened. I finally decided to do what I should have done long before, and I thought if this is good for me, going to happen, but I’ll do what I have to do regardless of what I want to happen or not.

I do not actually thougth, I felt a depth that could be called violent. Now I think that maybe it was not me, but someone told me with such intensity that I thought I thought of myself. A wish and a thought expressed from almost violence, from something similar to anger. There are inaccurate words, he was not angry, but very hard and force deep made ​​me say, loud and almost on impulse, “I will make my way, things will be accommodated if my way is good for me” .

What happened? The next day I received the call he had waited for years!

My legs buckled, grew dim my senses to hear that voice on the phone, to the point that I could not answer articulately, almost babbling. The rest is history. My life is changing once again thanks to the forces that are unleashed when we know how.

Our Mind, is our?

Vast majority of people never realize that our mind seems not to be our. His behaviour is hardly defined as the behaviour of our mind. When we are awake, this thing called mind is moving around, withour destiny, restless.

She (I will callit so) is moving and moving, without dependence of our desires. We look here and there, just seem interested in something, meanwhile our mind is in another part, unknown. Also when working in something, the mind, the thoughts, are jumping in another park, like a fool child.

Nobody can control his own mind. This is why I tend to think that our mind is controlled by other. Some entity that is not precisely interested in focusing, or with a sense of focus completely different that ours. Maybe in another dimension things could be different.

Just could be that inside our mind is inserted our spirit, a completely strange being that is not what we are, but what we were or we will be. I am convinced that we have one spirit that is a part of All, and guide us through this space and this time but with a look in another no-space and no-time. That spirit, that we call soul, is inmortal and very difficult  be know. Maybe he is joking with our thinking and sometimes he release it and let us take control, for few moments.

What do you think?